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DATELINE: Houston, Texas, March 30, 2004

THE GENOME HOME: How to Use a Family Logo to Promote Your Next Reunion

One of the best ways to rally clan members to participate in a family reunion is to create a logo that represents the family. A house portrait of a family home provides a powerful image that you can use both to promote the gathering and to help pay its expenses.

Here’s how …

Talk to family members to find out if there is an ancestral home that many of them identify with the family.

Find out who has photographs of the home, and ask to borrow them. This may take some persuasion on your part. You will need to convince the owners that you will return the photos in good condition.
Contact an artist who specializes in house portraits. Explain what it will be used for and specify the date by which it must be complete.

Make plans to use the house portrait. These can include some or all of the following:

Remember that once paid for, the image can continue to be used for future reunions, making the house portrait an item that pays for itself many times over.

A high quality scanned image of the house portrait is a key element in the successful use of the art work. To help you get started, Jean Steinhardt, an artist specializing in house portraiture, offers a free scanned image of his house portrait with every commission. He also grants a free special license which enables you to use the house portrait to promote and finance your family reunion.

All you need to do is to be sure to include the following credit on every item:

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