For: Jean Steinhardt, Illustrator, P.O. Box 56462, Houston, TX 77256-6462
Contact: Jean Steinhardt, (713) 521-5914 (

DATELINE: Houston, Texas, August 26, 2004


Planning a family reunion is fun.  Figuring out how to pay for it is less so.  One way is to create a “family logo,” place it on T-shirts, coffee mugs, hats and such, and sell the items as mementoes of the event.


The family logo can be created in a number of ways …



Or you can go the extra mile … commission a house portrait.  A house portrait is a custom drawing of someone’s home.  For your logo, select a photograph of a home of particular significance to the family.  An ancestral home, for example, is an excellent choice.  Then contact an artist specializing in such drawings.


Because it is a custom drawing, you can specify that certain changes be made.  If a tree that used to be there has been cut down, for example, you can ask the artist to add it to the portrait.  Or if the structure has been modified over the years, you can request that the additions be excluded from the final drawing.


The result, when used as a logo, will be a set of memorabilia that will become collector’s items within the family.  You will be able to reuse the logo for subsequent reunions.  You will lend a touch of class that will make future reunions events to look forward to.


An artist specializing in house portraits since 1984 is Jean Steinhardt.  Based in Houston, his website ( displays a number of commissions he has completed over the years.


To encourage the use of a drawing as a family logo, he offers a 33% rebate to reunion organizers.  Here is how it works …



And if you are in Houston on Sunday, October 3, you can visit his booth at the Heights Festival and reserve a commission for 50% off the usual price.  You also can participate in a “Drawing for a Drawing.”  The winner of the drawing wins a free commission.


Visit his website for more details or contact him at:


P.O. Box 56462
Houston, TX 77256-6462
Phone: (713) 521-5914 / Cell: (713) 498-1248