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"Every house has a story ... A house portrait helps you tell it."


2401 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles CA
Sometime Home to Tom Mix and, in 1968, to Frank Zappa
Jean's drawing was based on a combination of the old sketch (above) and the client's memories of the place

Commissioned by Pauline Bird to be included in her book “Freak out! My life with Frank Zappa.”

Zappa and family lived here for a few months in 1968.

According to Tom Mix historian Boyd Magers, the log cabin was constructed in 1915, as a masculine retreat for wealthy men to escape their women and smoke and drink in peace. Its highlight was an 80-foot living room, with floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace. Tom Mix lived here briefly, a fun-loving movie cowboy who for a time cashed Hollywood's biggest checks. After Mix moved to Beverly Hills, the cabin was rented for several decades.
The cabin burned down in 1981.
Mixed media (India ink, graphite, and colored pencil) on Arches 300# watercolour paper, cold pressed, rough, 100% cotton, pH neutral
Approximately 8” x 10.5”
Artist: Jean Steinhardt (b. (Iowa City, Iowa, 1948)
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