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"Every house has a story ... A house portrait helps you tell it."

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Notable Heights House Burns To The Ground (Houston Press Blog by Richard Connelly) Picturing the Heights: Free eBook
A Picture Perfect House for the Grandchildren (River Oaks Examiner) The Cloning of the Black Mansion
Personalized Portraits of Home Sweet Home (Realtor Magazine) Planning a Family Reunion Is Fun.  Figuring Out How To Pay For It Is Less So
A Trona Travelogue (Ridgecrest Daily Independent) The Genome Home: How to Use a Family Logo to Promote Your Next Reunion
What Stories Your House Can Tell (Reunions Magazine) Local Artist Jean Steinhardt Participates In Silent Auction To Benefit Foster Care: How You Can Help, Too
Home Sweet Logo (Family Business Magazine) Art For Business’ Sake: Use A House Portrait To Home In On Your Competitive Edge
Home In On Your Image (MyBusiness Magazine) Win The Heart With Art: How A House Portrait Can Put The Romance Into Valentine's Day
Literal "Portrait" of a Sale (Real Estate Broker's Insider) The Enron Antidote: How To Use A House Portrait To Benefit From The Enron Effect



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