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"Every house has a story ... A house portrait helps you tell it."

Contact Jean Steinhardt ( to commission a house portrait or to order a gift certificate for a house portrait.  The artist will reply with a quote.
Our reply will also include a phone number for those of you who prefer to talk to a real live human being.
Please include the following information in your email ... name, mailing address, phone, and email address.  Also choose a style (see examples below.)
DEADLINE?  Jean will do his best to accommodate, but usually a minimum of one full month is required to complete a drawing.

Example of a detailed portrait (pen & ink) 17"x23"
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for examples 
of each 
available style

Example of a detailed portrait (pen & ink) 14"x17"
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Choices Choose a Style Price Amount
  Detailed Portrait (Pen & Ink) 17"x23" 800.00  
  Detailed Portrait (Pen & Ink) 14"x17" 550.00  
  Detailed Portrait (Pencil) 8"x10" 300.00  
  Quick Sketch (Pencil) 8"x10" 150.00  

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Example of a detailed portrait (pencil) 8"x10"
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Choose an Option
(in addition to drawing 

Price Amount
  Digital Image of Original 


  Color Wash 200.00  

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Example of a quick sketch (pencil) 8"x10"


Choose a License
(in addition to drawing 

Price Amount
  Exclusive License**
per year


3-Year Exclusive License for Historic Preservation Societies only: per year





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Example of a pen & ink drawing with a color wash



Price for sizes larger than those presented in the table can be negotiated.  Send an email to Jean at

TYPICAL TURNAROUND (from date we receive your photos to the date we ship your drawing) is 30 days for a detailed drawing, and 14 days for a quick sketch.  NOTE, however, that there me be commissions already in queue, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Quick Sketches are done in pencil, and contain much less detail than the detailed drawings illustrated here. They are quite charming, however, and very affordable. (See example above, or click here)
Detailed Portraits are rendered in pen and ink.
ORIGINAL ART ONLY: If you choose not to purchase a license, you become the owner of the original art.  However, the artist retains all reproduction rights.  This is suitable when you are purchasing a house portrait to give as a gift to a friend, a loved one, or yourself.
(*)NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENSE:  The non-exclusive license is a free bonus that comes with your commission.  This category provides you with the original art, plus a limited license to reproduce the art for non-commercial purposes.  With a non-exclusive license you can, for example, reproduce the art for use as a logo on your business cards and letterhead.  However, you may not reproduce it on items offered for sale, such as T-shirts, greeting cards, or coffee mugs unless you are using it to help promote and finance a family reunion.  If you are, then you will be granted a Special License for Reunions
(*)SPECIAL LICENSE FOR REUNIONS: This category, which is free, enables you to use the image to produce mugs, T-shirts, and other items to be offered for sale in order to help finance a family reunion. The license requires that you include on each item the following: Jean Steinhardt ( .  It also requires that one (1) sample of each item bearing the logo be sent to the artist.
(**)EXCLUSIVE LICENSE:  This category provides you with the original art, plus a license to use the art in any way which helps you promote your business.  The license is valid for 10 years, after which it may be renewed for a fee not to exceed two times the cost of the original license.  The artist retains all rights, except that he promises not to license the image to any other party during the term of the original license.  This is an excellent, cost-effective way to obtain the use of distinctive art that will help you make your business a success.  Terms can be negotiated by contacting the artist at 
(***)COPYRIGHT: This category provides you with the original art, plus full control of copyright, except that the artist retains:

Purchasing the copyright is a more costly approach than an exclusive license.  On the other hand, it guarantees that you have maximum control of the image. Terms can be negotiated by contacting the artist at 
(****) Standard shipping is via UPS. For non-U.S. commissions, please contact the artist to determine exchange rate and shipping charges

COLOR WASH: Watercolor wash over the original drawing: add $200.00. (See example above, or click here)
If you do not like the drawing, simply return it for a full refund, less non-refundable deposit (if applicable) & shipping & handling charges.
Upon completion of the commision, full payment is required before shipping
Upon payment for the above commissioned work, the commissioner will have full ownership of the physical work plus any licensing or copyright for which payment has been received.. Jean Steinhardt will retain all remaining rights pertaining to the work, except that the commissioner will have the right to reproduce the work for personal use.

Please make your check or money order payable to: Jean Steinhardt




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