Jean Steinhardt's House Portraits

"Every house has a story ... A house portrait helps you tell it."


On Arlington Street, The Heights (Houston, Texas)
Drawing by Jean Steinhardt, (b. 1948 Iowa City, Iowa)
Kohinoor Rapidograph Ultradraw India Ink on Strathmore 100 lb. Bristol Board

One way to get a great house portrait is to build a great house, from scratch. The owners lived in their Heights bungalow on Oxford Street for several years. The house began to seem too small, but adding on was not feasible.

So they bought a lot two blocks away on Arlington and had a new house built. In order to help preserve the ambience of the neighborhood they love so much, they chose a builder who specializes in new builds that match the style of much older houses.

To the builder's original plan, the couple added a Wewrap-around porch. "I love to relax on the porch and say 'Hi' to the neighbors as they walk by," say the owners.. "It really enhances our experience of living in The Heights."

After about 10 years in the house, they spotted Jean Steinhardt's House Portrait booth at the annual Heights Festival. He commissioned a portrait of this very special house as a surprise Christmas present for his wife.

They wound up with a beautiful, detailed pen and ink rendering of the home they built together. You can do the same ... even without building a house first.



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