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by Lisa Waddle, Editor
MyBusiness, June/January 2002

Here’s a way to set yourself apart from big chain competitors: Use a drawing of your home or small office building on mailings and marketing materials.

Jean Steinhardt, left, is a Houston-based artist who has been drawing buildings since 1985. Although he started executing pen and ink drawings of private homes, he found more small business owners asking for his services for marketing purposes.

“Any business that operates out of an attractive or older home can benefit from this truly distinctive approach to proclaiming their competitive edge,” says Steinhardt. “A house portrait can form the basis for a logo that can then be used on business cards, envelopes, brochures or shopping bags.”

Steinhardt’s drawings start at $200. For more information and tips on using a drawing in marketing your small business, go to http://www.jeansteinhardt.com or call Steinhardt at (713) 521-5914.


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