What Stories A House Can Tell

Commission a house portrait! A house portrait is a custom drawing of someoneís home. Select a photograph of a significant family home. An ancestral home, of course, is an excellent choice. Then contact an artist specializing in such drawings.
Because itís a custom drawing, you can specify changes be made. If a tree has been cut down, for example, you can ask the artist to add it to the drawing. If the structure has been modified over the years, you can ask to exclude additions from the final drawing.
When used as a logo for a reunion, the resulting drawing becomes memorabilia qualifying as a collectorís item. You can re-use the logo for subsequent reunions.
Jean Steinhardt is a house illustrator who can produce house portraits. Contact PO Box 56462, Houston TX 77256-6462; 713-521-5914; HousePortraits@JeanSteinhardt.com; www.jeansteinhardt.com.
  • Ask family members if thereís an ancestral home many identify with.
  • Find photographs of the home and ask to borrow them. Tell owners you will return the photos in good condition.
  • Contact an artist who specializes in house portraits. Explain what the drawing will be used for and specify the completion date.
  • Make plans to use the house portrait:
  • as an image on all correspondence: letterhead, post cards, reminders, mailing labels.
  • as an image on a family reunion website.
  • as an image on mugs, t-shirts, aprons, greeting cards, and more to help pay some reunion expenses including the cost of the portrait itself.
  • Present original artwork to an honored person(s).

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